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January 21, 2011
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Maverick for Win7 by dpcdpc11 Maverick for Win7 by dpcdpc11
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Firefox users!!!

Due to the poor coding in FF4 default theme, my visual style and other 1px window frame styles, makes the title bar in firefox to disappear sometimes without any logical explanation. I found a way to fix that... at least in my case this works. This used to work in FF4, but it doesn't in recent Firefox releases.
- check out the fix I made (for FF4), available here

- fixed the height of the All Programs section in Start Menu

- another annoying bug that gave me 2 sleepless nights is finally fixed! I'm talking about the exaggerated height of menu and toolbar in Open and Libre Office. Users... enjoy!

- the much awaited fix for the autoscroll mouse cursor in Firefox is here! It was the damn tooltip PNG in Explorer causing all the hassle. Glad I've finally fixed it! Still trying to fix the huge height of the button/toolbar of Open/Libre Office 3.3

- finally fixed the More Options popup menu in Explorer. Thanks to solmiler

- fixed the config icon in the bubble tooltip
- fixed the undetermined progress bar... try checking for windows updates and you'll see what I mean!

- finally fixed the buggy display of fonts in microsoft office 2010 tabs. Thanks to jhanford for the suggestion!

- added the ubuntu sounds for windows directly to the package cause people were complaining about some malware in the .exe of the sound scheme. Now you must install the sounds manually but at least there's no malware anymore!

- VERTICAL LEFT SIDE TOOLBAR AVAILABLE: skinned the vertical superbar on the left. Enjoy!

- fixed MDICloseButton, MDIRestoreButton, MDIMinimizeButton

- added Windows Explorer Navigation Buttons to the package including: Back, Forward, Go, Stop, Refresh, Dropdown. Use this tool: [link] by Kishan Bagaria to change them.

- changed the scroll bar thumb to light orange

- added a second version of the theme called Maverick W, which is the same as the original except for the wider start menu button. Made this following the request of people using Windows in other language than English where "All Programs" is spelled differently and longer. So this version has a full wide button for all to enjoy it!

Hey Linux Lovers... The waiting is over... I know... finally!!! Here's the first complete Ubuntu 10.10 Ambiance Theme ported to Windows 7.
I think this visual experience will not only appeal to Linux Lovers but also to MacOS and Windows fans alike.
Just give it a try and let me know if you like it... or if you don't like it as well... I just want to hear your feedback.

Side note:
- The the is only 96dpi compatible. Doesn't work for higher dpi resolutions!
- Fonts in the preview look great because I use gdipp, the little app which changes you font rendering engine to make the fonts look smooth just like, or almost like in Linux or MacOS.
- Some apps may not play nice with this theme... was the case of Firefox 4 beta but GOOD NEWS: they fixed their buggy default skin so now works perfectly with my Maverick for Win7 Visual Style!
- Some elements of the original Ubuntu theme could not be implemented accurately due to Windows 7 limitations. For example the window caption buttons can't be aligned together as close as in Ubuntu.
- There are some other unfixable bugs which are not really bugs, in Windows Explorer (click the More Options buttons on the toolbar and you'll see what I mean), but there is nothing I can do about them unfortunately. Windows skinning engine sucks and even experienced themers will agree with me on this one.
- If you find any other bugs please report them and I'll do my best to fix them.

What's in the package:
Theme: Maverick by dpcdpc11: only Aero version for now!
Resources: Fonts | Start Orb ([link]) | Wallpaper (the default Ubuntu Maverick wall)
Ubuntu Sounds Scheme for Windows
Windows Explorer Navigation Buttons. Use this tool: [link] by Kishan Bagaria to change them.

What's not in the package:
Icons used in the screenshot: Token by brsev
miniBin by e-sushi: [link]
1st clock, the small software which made possible the chance of the taskbar clock which now looks just like the Linux clock. Official website here: [link]
gdipp - the tinny app that makes your fonts clear and smooth like those in Linux Distros. It's available in 32 and 64 bit flavors. Download here: [link]
Windows 7 Aero Blur Tweaker by Kishan-Bagaria: [link]
Windows 7 Start Button Changer by Kishan-Bagaria: [link]
Windows 7 Navigation Buttons Customizer by Kishan-Bagaria: [link]
Linux Mouse Cursors Port: DMZ Cursor by Nighted: [link]

Gnome Panel for Rainmeter by Col-Darby: [link]

Here are some brief instructions which I think you may all know by now:

0. Patch your system files and install the required fonts!
0.1. Be sure to patch your system files before you can use 3rd party windows themes. Use this tool to do it: [link]
0.2. Install the fonts found in the folder "Resources/Fonts"
0.3. Restart your PC

1. Install the theme?
Copy the content of Theme folder in "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\" (Asuming that you're Windows 7 is installed on partition C)

2. Change the start orb?
Use Windows 7 Start Button Changer by Kishan-Bagaria: [link]
Launch Windows 7 Start Button Changer and choose the BMP from the "Resources/Start Orb - Ubuntu" folder and you're done!

3. Remove the blured edges of the windows?
Use Windows 7 Aero Blur Tweaker from the "Tools" folder to remove the windows blur.

Thanks for downloading!!!

All the artists involved in the creation of Ubuntu's 10.10 aka Maverik default theme called Ambiance.
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Sorry for my idiocy, I wasn't thinking straight at the time. Here are some problems that I found: When i search for something in a windows explorer window the description/location/author is white text on the default white backround. When in Mumble the Server, Self, Configure, and Help, the options that you can't change/check are black, while the options you can select are a light gray color (that should be the other way around), when I changed the start menu orb to the ubuntu logo, the orb doesn't change if i hover over it or click it.
the problems you describe above are out of my control, I'm afraid. They are cause by the limitation of the windows skinning system.
it's really hard and almost impossible to create a light&dark theme (like Makerick) for windows and make everyone happy.
not sure how you installed the start orb. if you follow my exact instructions it should work perfectly, at least it did for me and for many others. Not one complained about the start orb.
Could you please find a way to make it just a .theme file for ease of use instead of making someone who's slightly tech savvy not have to go through all this bullshit to get it working?
There is a .theme file. What techy bullshit are you talking about? You install this just as you would any other theme. It's not my fault Microsoft doesn't support 3rd party themes and made the installation process complicated.
thanks bro, really cool
thank you for downloading my friend!
sonic12399 Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I recommend mactype over gdipp since that one is still being maintained/updated by the developer :)
Thanks for the recommendation. At the time I made the theme gdipp was the best option available.
sonic12399 Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Do you have any suggestions for alternative to 1stclock?
not really.. I'm currently using the standard windows clock.
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