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I've been a free member on Skillshare for some time now and today I've got an awesome offer from them for the premium membership: 3 Months for just $0.99! Now that's an awesome deal!
And if you use this link you'll get an extra free month!

Here are just a few class you might be interested:
Street Photography: Capture the Life of Your City
The Golden Secrets of Hand-Lettering: Create the Perfect Postcard
Knitting 101: Create A Timeless Snood
The Beginner's Guide to Animating Custom GIFs

As you will see there's a course for everyone!

See you there!
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A few days ago I've read somewhere that over 15 million users upgraded to Windows 10.
Well... I'm not one of them and here are a few reasons why:
  • I don't need to! Yeah, that's right, Windows 10 doesn't bring anything new that I need.
  • Start Menu is back! So!? I've never been much of a start menu user so the lack of it isn't such a big deal for me. I've got my most used apps pinned to the taskbar, 6 other not so used apps pinned to the start screen and the rest of my portable apps are pinned to the Total Commander button bar, which is always opened.
  • New browser! Really!? Who needs another browser? Not me... Since I'm locked in the Google ecosystem, Chrome is my best option.
  • Performance increase... I've got a pretty powerful laptop with a SSD for the OS and I can't imagine how can things be any faster? I've got like a 3-4 seconds boot and all the apps are launching really fast.
  • Improved Windows Explorer... are you kidding me!? It still doesn't have a tabbed interface. Anyway I use Total Commander as my main file browser so there's no need to use explorer at all.
  • DirectX 12... I'm not much of a gamer anymore so DirectX 11 will have to do for now.
  • Cortana... Hey Cortana... give me a break and uninstall yourself!
  • Virtual desktops... yeah they were cool like 15 years ago when I've installed my first Linux distro. Congrats M$ for finally catching up!
  • The last thing I need right now is a fresh install of the OS! Update is not a good option of course.
  • And last but not least... I like my customized taskbar too much! Yep, in Windows 10 Microcrap doesn't allow the taskbar to be skinned from the msstyle file. Bad move since the taskbar is the only UI element you see all the time and after a while it will get boring. Eventually I'll have to upgrade to Windows 10 so I guess I'll have to go back to Litestep or BBlean of something!
TIP: Disabling the Windows 10 Upgrade Notification
For those of you still using Windows 8.1 and are annoyed by the Windows 10 Upgrade Notification, here's a solution for you:
Go to Windows Update > Installed updates and search for the KB3035583 update.
Uninstall this update and restart... and voila!

How about you? Are there still some other Windows 8.1 users out there?
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Progress, technology, we all love it. But what are the costs of all this?
Would we still buy these products if we would be reminded every day about the costs, the human costs?
Last year BBC made a short documentary about the costs of Apple's iPhone that shows shocking footage from the factory where these highly priced devices come to life. You'll also see where the resources for the electronic industry like Tin come from.
You can watch it here on daily motion:…

So yeah, we should definitely say Thanks! to corporations for making the world a better place!
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Feeling kinda under the weather lately and my state of mind turned to anger specially after seeing this movie The Good Lie staring Reese Witherspoon. I didn't know what happened to these people there before watching this movie, I only had a vague idea about the situation. Hell... that would be a good word for the situation in Africa's conflict areas. Not sure if I should blame the human nature or progress for introducing money and weapons in a place they were doing just fine without.
Really can't believe that this still happens all around the world... it's 2015 for fuck's sake! It's the future... We should have had flying cars by now. What the hell happened here!?

Speaking of the future... I also followed CES 2015 on YouTube this week and I was like "what is wrong with this planet!? all this freaking technology and there are people dying everyday all over the world from hunger, thirst, common diseases and shit."
As a specie there's clearly something wrong with us!
I know we can change but looking for news about Sudan or the Middle East, it seems to me that we are changing some good things to better and bad things to worst. It seem we are all about extremes, us humans!

And don't get me wrong here, I don't want to sound condescending or something... when I say us humans I include myself in the same group of course. I'm not sure I ever did something to improve the life on the planet and maybe this feeling of helplessness is the reason I feel so shity and powerless!
Gonna end it here for now, changing my mood from anger to upset!

P.S. if you're one of the people feeling solidarity towards the recent events in France, don't forget that hundreds of people die everyday around the world, places where freedom of speech is the last concern!
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For more than a month now since Wacom released their 6.3.8.x driver, owners of the intuos 5/pro tablets complained about the shitty driver that made the mouse cursor jump to the opposite screen edge.
A very fucking annoying thing! I contacted the support at Wacom and they replied with a generic email telling me to deactivate my antivirus and shit. I replied back telling them to read my fucking email and give me a proper answer. Their answer was brilliant: switch to the previous driver version and that they will fix this in the next release. Impressive. Thanks wacom! This is why I bought you tablet, for the great fucking support!
But to be noted that the previous driver version (6.3.7.x) isn't available to download from their website. They have the pre-previous version 6.3.6.x which is shit btw.

A couple of days ago they released the next driver which should have fixed the problem with the jumping cursor... it should but it didn't.
Why Wacom, why the fuck why???

I even suggested them some ideas providing them feedback related to the shitty rubbery material on the edges of the tablet. Try drawing a straight fucking line on the bottom section of the tablet... you can't! Cause your hand sticks to the rubbery surface.

What is your experience with the wacom products?
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So I took a 3 days break at a cabin in the mountains with a few friends. Someone turned on the TV and to my surprise it was a piece of news about the conflict in Ukraine.  Tens of people died today but I still didn't understand wtf are they fighting about?
Are you kidding me people!? It's the year 2014. It's the future and the human kind is still waging wars and killing each other.
Aren't we the sane people who don't want wars and shit the majority of this planet? I'm guessing the answer is yes.  So can't we do anything about this?

Some fucked up pro Russian TV station declared today that a country such Romania wouldn't last more than 30 in the way of a Russian occupation. What the fuck are they talking about? Is this world gone mad?

Yes,  I  know,  too  many questions and not too many answers. Day like this makes me believe that the human race doesn't deserve to inherit this beautiful planet.
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I've started playing around with the idea of envisioning the ideal Windows OS so I made a first step in creating the First Boot Welcome Screen.

My idea is that Windows should give the user the opportunity to choose the basic template of the OS.

Windows Professional
Power users don't usually need the Metro interface and apps, instead they just need a fast responsive UI that would be productive and enjoyable. But professional doesn't translate to fugly so the UI should be customizable giving the user the option to install 3rd party theme.

Windows Home User
On the other hand the common windows user would like a more friendly and nicely designed UI and easy to navigate and find things. They could take advantage of the Metro style UI that would provide them with all the information they need. Also the touch interface would play an important role here.

It's just a concept which of course can be improved and hopefully I will continue working at this project.
So any suggestions are welcome! I'm really curious to see how you would imagine the ideal Windows OS.
Leave your ideas in the comments bellow and please tell me what would you like me to do next.
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Can anyone please spare an invite to dribble please?
Thanks in advance!
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You can be happy too! You can start by: Connecting; Being Active; Taking Notice; Keep Learning; GIVING!
Here's an interesting video on this matter from TED: Nic Marks: The Happy Planet Index
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Another year is ending but another one is beginning. Sometimes time doesn't seem to be on our side and we just can't cheat the bastard!
Nonetheless life is full of surprises plus the surprises we add our own, I think it's something worth living.
Tonight I saw a documentary that made me sad and happy at the same time. We live on a beautiful and abundant planet, but boy, do we have some work to do as a specie! Diversity is great and all but poverty and disease are not! I think we could feel rich and healthy without the poor and sick people. I has just looking out the window and for about 20 years almost nothing changed. Nothing to show live improvements. But hey, I've a phone which I talk to. That's what I call progress.
So when you got the time, I recommend you to watch Life In A Day. It's available for free on youtube and you can watch it here:…

Happy New Year everyone!

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A while ago I bought a Logitech mouse M235 which had a damn noisy middle button.
But now I had a bit of time on my hands so I fixed it!
Here's a HOWTO video I published on youtube to show you how I did it:
Maybe this helps other people to fix their noisy mouse!
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just finished watching an old favorite movie of mine, eXistenZ... dunno how many of you have seen it but for those who didn't, I really recommend it to you!
yes, The Matrix was fantastic, but eXistenZ was... creative!
and the question still remains: are we still in the game?

WhAt dO yOU ThinK?
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Today had a promising start... woke up, eat breakfast and before I started working I wanted to clean up my tool: Wired Apple Keyboard and micro$hit Mouse.
After cleaning the mouse I've noticed the cable splitting up right near the mouse exit. I've opened the mouse and inserted the cable a bit inside. Well, I thought, this should fix it!
And it did, both the keyboard and the mouse... "fixed" them for good. After the keyboard was all cleaned up, I've attached the mouse to one of the keyboard's USB and I was ready to start working. Easier said than done... Just when I was about to open up my pinned apps from the taskbar, I've noticed that I couldn't Left Click them... everything I was trying to click was Right Clicking instead... that's weird, right!? I've disconnected the mouse from the keyboard and surgery time again... now I've fixed it for sure!
Reconnecting the mouse to the keyboard I've started working... everything was working fine for about 5 mins... when all of a sudden my keyboard started going wild, pressing buttons on it's own like crazy... it's like it was haunted, but there's no poltergeist here... he's long gone! And then all the buttons start failing one by one.
Of course the micro$hit mouse was to blame (or was it me?), but what's done, it done... half the buttons on the keyboard were dead and my warranty expired 3 months ago... wonderful. Lucky me... now I had to buy a new keyboard and a new mouse... isn't that great!?
So now I'm the happy owner of a new Apple keyboard which looks the same as my old one, except for the Caps Lock LED which is more of a yellow than green, and a brand new Logitech mouse which makes a hell of a lot of noise on middle click... gonna return that tomorrow for sure!
Browsing through the electronics store, I was surprised to see lots of shitty quality keyboard like Microshit and Logitech, in the same price range as the Apple Keyboard. How the hell can you sell such shitty quality products at such steep prices!? Is this world gone insane!?
A friend of mine owns a 7 year old Logitech Keyboard and Mouse which both work perfectly and have such a quality feel that newer generation PC accessories seem to have lost.
It seems either the scarcity of the natural resources feels closer and closer to the end consumer or big companies lost their values.
What do you think?
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Finally made it! Damn it's been a long time... but finally it's here!
Where and what exactly? My new Windows 7 Theme: Simplify!

Hope you like it!
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... download coming in 2 days max... it's not coming out alone so I just need to make the final touches!
Stay tuned!
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Progress is going really slow since I'm packed with my work projects but the theme will be done this summer!
I'm talking about Simplicity, which will be a dark bordered minimalistic theme with pixel perfect details and also usable for every user!
A few days ago I've finished the taskbar and system tray... next stop: the Start Menu.
I will post screenshots as the theme develops even further.

So stay sharp... updates are coming!
Now this was quite a ride... but now it's finally come to an end!
I'm talking of course about the Tabs Toolbar problem.

Using Windows7 Styles with 1px left/right window frames made the Tabs Toolbar (top window frame) to go blank when hovering over certain elements and when browsing certain websites.
The problem could not be fixed in the win7 Styles because they had not problem to be fixed in the first place.

Full story and Download here:…

I just wanna say "Screw You!" to the kind Firefox developers which so politely DIDN'T help me on this one and who don't give a hoot about themers and skinners or even addons developers.
If anyone feels offended, well... that's ok... I don't feel bad, but you should!
Show more support for the people using ur software... just because it's free, it doesn't mean it has to suck!
Same goes out for Opera devs as well... power users know what I'm talking about!
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Well the interface is totally shite! a dock in the left side of the screen... what the hell were they thinking? it really counter productive... there were many many other things that gave me a damn headache. For example the damn idiots wanted to copy the OSX model and place File Edit View Help etc (the menu bar) in the application bar or how it's called which displays the Menu Bar for all apps in the same place... it's ok for maximized windows but not for regular windows which are stack on top of each other. Really a bad idea.
Don't get me started on the desktop performance... after installing my ati radeon HD3870 video card, the desktop performance was even worse even though the driver was installed correctly... again made me feel like I was testing ubuntu 8, 7, 6, etc... and had many video corruption problems like title bar disappearing on all windows, the top application bar just went crazy filled up with colored lines etc.
Mkv files played like shite as well no mater what player I used: SMplayer, VLC, the defaul Movie Player(which is the most retarded video player since the stone age... no settings what so ever!).
Playing Mp3 is really easy using Bansee but damn this software starts slow!
Finally I've managed to install WinE and seem that Photoshop CS5 portable works pretty well.
There's nothing much you can do with Ubuntu, at least not for me... as I'm an extensive user of Microshit Office 2010, specially OneNote, Word, Excel and PowerPoint... LibreOffice (ex Open Office) really can't replace M$ Office, at least not yet!
Besides Photoshop, couldn't manage to make any other Adobe products to work... that's too bad since I use most of them.
Of course you can tweet, post facebook messages and all that social networking crap in Ubuntu since you have a browser installed.
So after playing with Ubuntu for about 4 hours doing all kind of things, there wasn't much to keep me there so I've booted into good ol' Win7.
Was a joy to see the Win7 Welcome screen again... you know that saying: You can't appreciate something until you loose it... I didn't actually lost Win7 but I was damn glad to boot it again!
The Linux world should really think more about Experience Design... until something really radical changes in the way the Linux platform is going towards it will never have a chance to be the main OS for most users and fragmentation, the same problem of Android, isn't helping as well.
If you have experienced Ubuntu or would like to recommend other Linux environments, ur welcome to leave a comment!
Btw, I've also tested out Linux Mint, which seems the best linux distro out there... was a real fan of PCLinux in the past and I had many hopes regarding this distro, but it seem as years past by, the cheaper and outdated it looks. That's too bad.
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You really must see this documentary called: Pyramids of Waste aka The Lightbulb Conspiracy

Youtube link:

I just want to say: Damn sons of bitches! We really are tools, you know... mindless tools or as another way some one put it: monkeys with gadgets!
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Just Watch the video:

Make you wonder about your own happiness, doesn't it?
More about Action for Happiness:…
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